Welcome to our i⁴ - FSI Lab:

The i⁴ - FSI Lab (流体智能与信息化) is established by Dr. Dixia Fan in the School of Engineering at Westlake University, Hangzhou, China. The name of "i⁴ - FSI " stands for "intelligent", "informational", "integrative" and "interdisciplinary" fluid-structure interaction, a research vision shared by the group to develop a new paradigm for fluid research and applications. By carefully incorporating physics-informed (and -informative) machine learning methods and bio-inspired principles into the fluid mechanics investigation, we will be able to significantly understand and control the fluid motion that is inherently non-linear and multi-scale in both space and time. 

Currently, the group has developed various experimental facilities and numerical tools and has been focusing on the following research topics: 

1. Physics-informed (and -informative) reinforcement learning for fluid-structure interaction

2. Bio-inspired robots for vortical flow control and sensing

3. Programmable metamaterial for aero/hydro morphing structures

4. Autonomy for amphibious (aerial/aquatic) swarms

5. Smart environmental conservation and restoration

西湖大学流体智能与信息化实验室     i⁴ - FSI Lab, Westlake University


Address: Yungu Campus of Westlake University, No. 600 Dunyu Road, Xihu District, 310030 Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China.